In the year of 1994, Morannon was formed by Ferocious. The intent was to play Black Metal strongly inspired by the ancient Gods. Such as Bathory, Celtic Frost and Venom. The first member to join was Vortex. First as a vocalist, but after one recording with a drum-machine, the band decided to use real drums instead, and so Vortex placed himself behind the drum kit and Ferocious took over the vocal duties….

In late 1996, Goatlord joined the band. Songs were written and rehearsed, and on Friday the 13th of June 1997, we recorded four songs for a split demo with fellow blackmetallers Martyrum. The split demo remained unreleased, until it was included as the B-side on our second demo, Behold the Black Candles Light. That demo received mostly positive reviews, and some interviews was done throughout Europe….

After that, Orthae joined as bassist in 1998. Some serious rehearsing followed and in 1999, our third demo, Heir to the Dark Throne, was recorded. However, the result wasn’t all that satisfying, so the demo was never really released. Some copies were made, but few distributed. Before we got to record the songs again, Goatlord decided to quit the band. Things were now moving very slowly. Songs were written, but never recorded. Then Orthae left the band….

As a duo, Ferocious and Vortex started to work on the new demo, which was planned for 2002. But because of personal issues, Vortex quit. Now left alone, Ferocious started looking for a new drummer. Destroyer was asked and didn’t hesitate for more than a mere second. The first rehearsal with the “new” Morannon took place late 2002. Then, both Goatlord and Vortex returned to the band. New songs were written and one rehearsal was caught on tape, The Raging Chaos Rehearsal….

During two days of February 2003, six songs (including a cover version of Darkthrone’s Under a Funeral Moon) were recorded for the new demo, The Coming of our Armageddon. One of the songs is also on the Assault Webzine’s Compilation cd. The Darkthrone cover is for a Tribute cd, to be released by BlackVomit Records. So currently, Morannon is promoting the new demo and writing new songs for upcoming releases….

Morannon Sins:
Midnatt (promo 1995)
Uruloki (spilt demo w/ Martyrum 1997)
Behold the Black Candles Light (demo 1997)
Heir to the Dark Throne (demo 1999)
Collected Demo(n)s & Shit (cdr 2002 containing the old demos)
The Raging Chaos (rehearsal 2003)
The Coming of our Armageddon (demo 2003)
Assault Webzine Compilation cd 2003